Pumpkin huntingSome people come together for convenience. Some join up for money.

And us? We’re a couple of women collaborating because of a shared passion. For the thrill of the hunt and the glory of discovery. In short, for the elusive mellowcreme pumpkin – and all the mysteries hidden in its confectionary depths.

However, if you would like to become an official sponsor of I Crave Pumpkins or solicit us for well-paid, freelance writing jobs, something can surely be arranged. You can contact us – and/or submit testimonials, pumpkin-related photos and more – by e-mailing icravepumpkins@gmail.com.


3 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Robin Says:


    I have a question about mellowcreme pumpkins. I need tiny candy pumpkins for a cupcake project this year. I need a candy pumpkin small enough to look appropriately scaled in size next to a Nutter Butter “headstone.” Are mellowcreme pumpkins small like that? Or would they seem inappropriately large next to a Nutter Butter tombstone? Surprisingly enough, I have never eaten, or even seen, a mellowcreme pumpkin so any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!

  2. icravepumpkins Says:


    Never seen a MCP before?! Look around the candy corn areas of your local big box store; you should be able to locate them in their own bag, or included in the “Autumn Mix.” Each pumpkin is a bit under an inch high and maybe half an inch wide, which should be close the appropriate scale for your cookie headstones.

  3. Olivia Stolzer Says:

    I love these wonderful candies. Thankfully they only become readily available once a year, or else I would weight fifty pounds more than I do right now. Definitely better than candy corn, the mellow cream pumpkins are a November 1st tradition. The day after Halloween I go to the stores and “clean” them of thier candy pumpkins. Boxes and bags that use to be $2 will then be .50. I might be obsessed but I’m not made of money. After gourging myself for weeks on candy pumpkins, I only hope that Novembers bliss will sustain me until next year. I Crave Pumpkins!

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