pumpkin alone Welcome! This site celebrates the glory of the seasonal, but unbeatable mellowcreme pumpkin.

The mellowcreme pumpkin is made primarily of corn syup. It is flavored with honey and gives off a subtle, yet distinct odor that reminds one of everything creamy and good about life. It is typically enjoyed as a Halloween treat, however impractical it may be for trick-or-treating purposes. (Mellowcreme pumpkins are not individually packaged. This is apparently not only good for the environment, but for inserting bite-size razor blades or other candy-tampering.)

People often complain about the early onset of holidays in this modern consumer-driven age. We would, too – if it weren’t for these delicious pumpkin candies, which are available as early as September in some retail locations. This sort of availability tends to frustrate shoppers, as the early and inevitable purchase of holiday candy often leads to a diminished enjoyment of the actual holiday (which typically arrives two months later).

Pumpkin eaters, however, can only rejoice: these rare mellowcreme candies are featured on store shelves for two months a year, rather than three short weeks! You can’t compare the pumpkin to its homely sister, candy corn – which, to be blunt, is as easy to acquire as a Junior Mint.

Mellowcreme pumpkins are not easy. These elusive confections delight for their purity, rarity and cute shape. Are they just candy? Maybe. Will they make you fat? Probably. But we at I Crave Pumpkins prefer to think of them as little pieces of hope. We hope you will, too.