Where’s the pumpkin?
Find the pumpkin…




There he is!
…there he is!



Pumpkin Kitty
Kitties enjoy pumpkins, too.


Maggie loves Rod Stewart…and pumpkins…and you!

Side effects.

 (Okay, not really. Maggie just loves pumpkins..and Rod Stewart…and you!) 



3 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Mindy Says:

    LOL! Thse pictures were totally awesome! (Especially the pumpkin doggie). I also love Mellowcreme pumpkins, and I’m thrilled that they went on sale this week.

  2. Q Says:

    Just saw a whole stack @ walmart yesterday..theres a pack with my name on it after Bio class

  3. Carrie Says:

    I’m excited for the start of Mellowcreme pumpkin season. What is this Halloween you speak of?

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