“Hunting down and collecting as many pumpkins as possible during the mad rush of the Halloween season is not a decision, it is a responsibility. I will not back down on that responsibility. I am an American, goddamnit!” –JPO 9-10-07


22 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. chris Says:

    At first I thought these little candies were back-shelf merchandise from the early 90’s that should be ignored. But no… rather they should be embraced. These tiny spheres of sugary goodness entice the palate along with the welcoming truth that summer has finally loosened it’s merciless grip on the world.

  2. Eddie Von Lippinshitz Says:

    Who cares about Mellowcreme? They’re so inferior to candy corn. Candy corn is a better size, not at overpowering and have much better flavor. Mellowcremes are too thick and heavy. Maybe if they were quartered. Personally, there’s way better candy than that on Halloween. And what is “mellowcreme”? It doesn’t taste creamy! It tastes like a bloated candy corn!

  3. Carl Krakerfelder Says:

    Eddie you are an imbecilic half-wit. MCP’s are cherished by candy connoisseurs around the world so your elementary diatribe quickly confirms you lack the sophisticated palette necessary to enjoy this heavenly confection.

    And OMG! Did you say quarter the MCP!? BLASPHEMER! BLASPHEMER! May you choke on a piece of candy corn you heretic!

    MCP’s FTW!

  4. KellyKellyPumpkineater Says:

    Mellowcreme Pumpkins are THE best candy ever! As one likely to be diagnosed with Type II Diabetes one day (runs in the family), it actually worries me how much I love these little treats. They are SO sweet–there is no other candy out there that sets my tastebuds a watering and hits my sweettooth perfectly. I am having a tough time finding just the pumpkins, I am tired of wading through the harvest mix for the few pumpkin treats contained within. Found this site actually looking online to buy pure Brach’s MCP. Skip the Target knock-offs, they blow wind.

  5. icravepumpkins Says:

    Kelly: As much as we hate to support them, Wal-mart has proven to be the best location for finding big bags of MCPs. Good luck and God speed.

  6. Pumpkinaddict Says:

    I am thrilled to find a group that is addicted to candy pumpkins, as am I. Oh to have these delicacies year-round. I will have to order in bulk to satisfy when the craving hits. Don’t worry about the calories or sugar – if you can control the quantity like I TRY to do. One or two pumpkins do the trick (most of the time)!

  7. RES Says:

    There’s somebody out there besides me who love mellowcremes…am I in heaven???

  8. The Nasty Blind Aspie Says:

    Greetings. I stumbled upon this site while looking for ingredients, and especially the reason these “MCPs” smell so bloody good! I love candy corn as well, but even the smell of that can’t compare. Anyway, I also love them, and yes I agree that one of the best places to find them is Wal-mart. Some of the smaller shops and markets around here (northeast US) also carry them. It is hard to find the actual brand name ones around here, but I got three big bags from a Value City that’s going out of business and still have 1.5 left after a week. I personally like to bite them in half and suck on them, which makes them last longer and doesn’t give ones taste buds an overwhelming blast of sugar. (Sucking on them also allows one to fully appreciate the delicate flavors.) Thanks a million for the laughs, I really did need them. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the site or consuming vast quantities of pumpkins, I just found it hilarious. Have a fabulous day, and enjoy the season while it lasts.

  9. cusesoftie Says:

    After reading this site, I’ve just received an odd look from my fiance because I was smelling my candy pumpkin. I had no idea they had a scent to them. Just got back from the drugstore with an autumn mix because the pumpkins caught my eye. I’d prefer just pumpkins, but something is better than nothing. I didn’t know that they were hard to find either… After Halloween – there’s always plenty of sales filled with leftovers perfect for stocking up on.

  10. Randy Says:

    These little pumpkin nuggets of orange love are proof that God exists, loves us, and wants us to be happy.

  11. Leaking Ink Says:


    I just got an email from THE SEROTONIN DIET
    website that 3 Brach’s Mellowcreme Pumpkins
    don’t have fat–just sugar–and that they
    boost your Serotonin levels and then you
    don’t get hungry. Can anyone verify whether
    or not that is actually true for them?

  12. icravepumpkins Says:

    Leaking Ink:

    We are not much for diets here at icravepumpkins, and see little correlation between sugary goodness and weight loss. If you are looking for serotonin boosts, we suggest any of the following:

    • laughter
    • exercise
    • anti-depressants prescribed by a competent physician.

  13. Kat Says:

    YES! there are other people who also share my SICK obsession. I work at a candy store and this is the one thing I CANNOT get sick of after more than a year back…
    Anyway I’m ordered an extra 5lb bag just for me to eat. hahaha goodbye to my teeth.

  14. More Than Obsessed Says:

    I buy a year’s supply of pumpkins when they go on sale after Halloween. As long as you keep them in a cool, dry play, they won’t go bad all year. I am terribly addicted to them and this way I get to enjoy them all year.

  15. Kt Says:

    Wow. This is so excellent. I first had some MCPs last year when I was staying with a friend, and had to go out and buy a new bag the next day cause i ate them all.

    This year, I saw some at Target and picked up a couple of bags. After a couple of hours, one bag was almost GONE. My husband literally hid them from me. Luckily the cabinet above the microwave was an easy enough spot for me to find.

    I seriously thought I gave myself diabetes that day. It was hard for me to see straight and I felt kinda confused. Since then, I have cut back a bit out of fear. I am EXCITED for the post Halloween sales now!

  16. pickinstrummer Says:

    Disclaimer: There are imposter manufacturers of mcps out there…only Brach’s will do.

  17. nia p Says:

    I am so glad to see that there are other people out there who are addicted to mellowcreme pumpkins like i am. i only will buy brachs brand however. other brands just dont compare. i cant wait for august to come each year so i can start fulfilling my cravings early in the halloween season. i have been hooked on them for well over ten years. and you can never eat just one. i usually can eat about 6-8 in one sitting before my stomach gets upset from all the sugar. long live the mellowcreme pumpkin! candy corn will never satisfy me like you do!!!

  18. Mike Says:

    This may be common knowledge, but if not, I’d like to get some opinions. Are the three segments of candy corn made from different ingredients, and do they taste different? In my research, I would have to say yes. To me, the white tip has sort of an icing quality. The yellow heel seems to be a bit waxy. And the orange middle – the sweetest and best-tasting part – I believe to be mellowcreme. If I’m right, then that explains why mellowcreme pumpkins are better than candy corn: they’re the best PART of candy corn, and more of it. Thoughts?

    p.s. Great website…IMPORTANT website.

  19. icravepumpkins Says:

    Mike, apologies for the late response…We agree on the theory regarding subtle differences between the candy corn layers; indeed, it does appear that the mellowcreme is made from the orange middle. Another hypothesis is that even waxy candy corn can get a bit stale when exposed to the elements, and so the innermost part will remain the most moist and fresh — kind of like baguette, no?

    Regardless of its kinship to candy corn, we maintain that mellowcreme pumpkins are their own distinct and superior form of Halloween candy; in short, candy corn can suck it.

  20. Pat Says:

    1) I think all of you people are crazy
    2) I agree with everything that has,so far, been shared
    3) In the three days over the last weekend, I ate five pounds of pumpkins and my only regret is not eating more

  21. minit Says:

    wtf! been to 3 stores tonight and 4 yesterday. All I can find is harvest mix!! I WANT PUMPKINS!!! 😦 CVS,Walgreens,Demoula’s,Rite Aid, Shaws, KMart. Nothing. Gonna have to brave Walmart on a Saturday…

  22. Pat Says:

    There is a pumpkin shortage this year! I can’t find them anywhere! A local bulk candy store couldn’t get their normal brand (Brach’s) so they switched providers. The one they got are lemon flavored! An outrage!

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